Philippines Travel Blog | Filipino BloggerPhilippines Travel Blog | Filipino Blogger – Thinking about doing a little Philippines Travel? I love the Philippines, I was born here but still become excited and amazed when I discover new places to see and new things to do.  Welcome to this Philippines Travel Blog! Come, join us, and let a Filipina show you around this budget-friendly, value-packed group of islands in the Philippines.

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Starfish island Palawan

From Boracay’s white-sand beaches to the turquoise waters of  Palawan, this low-lying island country is filled with natural wonder. With 7,641 islands in the Philippines, you’ll have a hard time visiting all of it in just a few weeks. Spend the most of your limited time in this paradise.

Please join us on the site. Become part of our community. Share your stories and experiences. Build a following. The sky is the limit. So, with that said, see you on the inside.

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Philippines Travel Blog – Hi, Cheche here, I am so glad to see you. I am a Filipina who, even though I am living in Australia at the moment, I simply love the beauty of the Philippines. Palawan, Coron, Cebu and so many more it’s hard to keep up.

I have spent time in both Manila NCR and the Province so I have experienced the best and worst of both worlds. I still love the restaurants and Malls of the city but it just doesn’t compare to the natural beauty most Filipinos seem to take for granted.

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Peoples Park Tagaytay

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