Gotta Be My Someone Bass Boosted With Lyrics Shuffle Dance

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Gotta Be My Someone by the Tapemachines – Love this song so much I had to cut this video for it. It includes shuffle dance sections as well because I love to watch shuffle. Gotta Be My Someone with lyrics and extras.

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Tape Machines – Gotta Be My Someone Lyrics | 2010s Pop Song is an epic, pop music set at medium energy mood with 98 beats per minute. Genre – EDM 2020

(Partial only, the rest are on the video to watch.☺) Tape Machines – Gotta Be My Someone Lyrics:

My hands are tied

And you resonate

Inside my bones

I Don’t know why I’m incapable

Why you’re unstoppable


Some big black clouds

The unavoidable is rainin’ down

I’m failin’ now into an endless hole


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