Coron Tourist Spots

Most of Corn, and Palawan for that matter, is still untouched and not yet overly commercialized. This makes Coron a great place to visit when you want to get away from the usual tourist traps, inflated prices, and overbearing crowds. What was once a sleepy fishing village, Coron is waking up as more and more people discover the hidden wonders this part of the world has kept hidden for so long.

Lets discover the best Coron Tourist Spots

Kayangan Lake Coron

One of the most visited sites in the Philippines and highlights of our Coron holiday. And obviously, it gets incredibly busy. It’s famous for gorgeous emerald waters surrounded by towering karst, underwater rock formations, caves, and islets. Make sure to add this to your list of must-do Coron Tourist Spots.

Malcapuya Island Coron

The white sandbar and the clear sea views of Malcapuya Island Coron are very relaxing. You will forget everything as you imagine yourself in paradise. If you are the type of person who just loves spending time under the sun doing nothing but gets a perfect tan, then Malcapuya island Coron is definitely for you. Among all the islands I’ve been to in Coron, Malcapuya struck my heart the most because of its very calm, beautiful waters and sand. Don’t get me wrong, the other islands are as beautiful and have unique appeals but this one just happens to be my favorite spot. Yet another great Coron Tourist Spot we Highly Recommend.

Yes, it is exactly as described –  two amazing lagoons perfectly set against a backdrop of vertical, black karst walls. Twin Lagoon Coron Palawan is one of the most stunning pieces of nature we ever had the pleasure to experience.

If anyone tries to tell you that island hopping in Coron is exactly the same as El Nido, stop listening to them. Anyone who thinks that obviously has not had the pleasure of having Banol Beach Coron all to themselves. Often seen as just a lunch stopover when Island-Hopping but it is much more. This is worth adding to your list of Coron Tourist Spots.

Coron Town Tour

Coron has been dropping jaws for years and it is no surprise why. A great place to start is not always by exploring the beautiful island of Coron, first, explore the small town of Coron.

A mangrove come bird haven that has plenty to offer. There are animal species here that are specifically endemic to Palawan; in other words, you can only see them here! There are a few activities you can take part in including The Mount Lunes Santo Trek and the Starry-starry night Tour. But the most popular activity at Kingfisher Park is to kayak around the mangroves to get a closer look at the wildlife both in the mangroves and under your boat.

Kingfisher Park

There’s also a treehouse, hammocks, and a store. You can go swimming and snorkel in the blue waters or just lie on the beach to have your perfect tan. You can also use the hammocks to relax or to have a quick nap – just like what I did. This is a nice island to visit.

Maquinit Hot Springs

Take the plunge into 39 – 40 deg C waters at Maquinit hot springs. We visited the hot springs at night when the temperatures had dropped making the springs, even more, inviting after a long day of island hopping.  Not only that but the sun setting over the water at the Hot Springs is pretty spectacular. It just can’t be beaten. More amazing things to do in Coron.

I love the facade and the interior of the church. It was clean and – despite being in the town center – it was very peaceful. It also has an Adoration Chapel. It is open all day. If you're in town, add this to your list of Coron Tourist Spots.

At 210 meters with over 700 steps to the top, it is one of the most dominant mountains in town. Towering over the Poblacion, its trail is easily accessible on foot. The challenging climb to witness the amazing sunset is definitely worth it. The steel cross can be found at the center of the spacious viewing deck. Few benches were also provided offering climbers some rest. Everyone was waiting with their cameras and phones to get the best sunset photos.