Siargao Island is not just for surfers, it’s for anyone who loves the water, beaches, and general adventure. Siargao Island is rapidly becoming a great alternative to El Nido and Palawan as both of those destinations are starting to become touristy.

Siargao Island Philippines

Cloud 9 Siargao island is by far rated as the best surf break in the Philippines. It’s also one of the most popular spots to spend some time if you are a die-hard surfer. No matter what your surf skill levels are,  Cloud 9 will definitely make your day, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 holds the ‘Cloud 9 Surfing Cup’, a WSL surf event that occurs every year between late September and early October. Professional surfers compete against each other on the barreling right-hand wave. If you happen to be on Siargao Island during the surfing tournament, you can expect big crowds and lots of parties. If you are not a big surfer and don’t like crowds, this wouldn’t be the best time to visit Siargao.

Siargao Island Philippines

This small, picturesque lagoon is found on Caob Island off the northwest side of Siargao. This place is AWESOME!


While most visitors to the island go straight to General Luna and use that as a base, there is a growing group of surfers making Pacifico Siargao their base. Pacifico was perfect, it was like General Luna was 15 years ago and it didn’t take long for us to fall in love with the area.

The easiest way to get around Siargao island is to rent a scooter and explore for yourself. Scooter rental should cost around 350 PHP ($6.70 USD) per day. If you’re like us and you plan on staying in Siargao for more than a few days, you can get long term rental rates which will be slightly cheaper.

Siargao island Philippines

There are multiple spots to jump or dive or just go crazy. It’s a good idea to wear water shoes as the rocks can be jagged and sharp to climb.

The Tayangban Cave Pools is definitely one of the most extreme of the Siargao island tourist spots. The pools can go as deep as 100 meters or more and you enter the cave pools by stepping into chest-deep water.

Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande Island is another top attraction you shouldn’t miss. While Sohoton Cove is not actually on Siargao island, it’s yet another must-see sights in the area.  Yes, it does take a few hours to get there but it is well worth the trek.

If you’re into diving then check this dive spot out. Among the most recommended dive locations are the Seeco Reef Coral formation near Naked Island and the Daku Coral Beach Staghorn Reef.  Blue Cathedral, on the wall of Cloud 9’s rock entry, is for advanced divers over 20 meters deep. With that said, it is a spectacular dive with a 20-meter wide hole entry with caverns on the north and east side.

The Blue Cathedral

Siargao Island Philippines

Island Hopping

Naked Island – A strip of sand, 200 odd meters in length that is completely bare (Naked), except for a few shells, starfish, and seaweed.

Daku Island – Naked island was just the warmup, there are far more activities for you on this island. Swimming, kayaking, or even fishing.

Guyam Island – This island is small enough to walk around in just a few minutes. It’s covered in palm trees, and if the great blue ocean is a desert then Guyam is pretty enough to be an oasis.

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