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Why do people Gossip and How to stop gossip in its tracks

Why do people Gossip

Bakit ang hilig nating mangtsismis? Gossip is wrong, no matter how you look at it. Spreading malicious rumors will not only hurt the subject of the gossip, but it also makes you look bad. It can cause trouble in your inner life as well as your outer life. Here’s how to stop gossiping. #chismis Why […]

BEFORE you Gossip, Watch This l Learn from Gossip

BEFORE you Gossip, Watch This

Learn from gossip and use what you’ve learned as benefits. Gossip offers surprising benefits for our great harmony. This health tip is not advocating gossip, but there is nothing wrong with emphasizing a few positive features of it. Here”s my previous video ‘WHY DO PEOPLE GOSSIP? 👉 Help Us to Get 10 000 Subscribers […]