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Welcome to the Travel Blog

Welcome to the Travel Blog


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Join us as we unravel the beauty, culture, and endless adventures these incredible countries have to offer. From stunning landscapes to local delights, through our Travel Blog, we’re your guides to the heart of these sun-soaked destinations. And guess what? We’ve got a collection of hilarious stories from around the world that will tickle your funny bone! 🌏😂

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Hey there, lovely wanderers & curious souls!

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2HotTravellers | Explore the World with Passion

I’m Cheche, a proud Filipina who swapped mangos for Vegemite and now finds herself comfortably nestled in the heart of Australia, my second home.

And let me introduce my partner in crime, Gary, the Aussie who’s managed to win my heart despite the fact that he hails from the land Down Under – just a tad on the opposite side of the world from my tropical paradise in the Philippines. (Let’s just say our unique cross-continental dynamic keeps life thoroughly interesting 😉).

Picture this: a happily married duo who values their privacy, but that doesn’t mean we’re not up for a wild adventure or two. Our philosophy? Exploring together isn’t just……..