Strangest places in the world

10 of the Strangest Places in the World

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? The planet is dotted with places that are surreal, eerie, and sometimes downright bizarre. Get ready to see 10 of the Strangest Places in the World.

Safest Airlines List

List of Safest Airlines in the World: Trustworthy Rank

For those looking to book on airlines with a track record of well-maintained aircraft and trustworthy crew in 2021, aviation safety site has released the top 20 safest airlines and Ten Safest Low-Cost Airlines, and Top 20 COVID-19 Compliant Airlines in the world.

Brisbane Scenic Drives

Brisbane Scenic Drives | Escape This weekend

Feeling trapped and bored at home? Fear not here is our list of top Brisbane Scenic Drives to schedule this weekend. So, fill up the tank, warm up the engine, hit the road, and explore…

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Hot Air Hostess Top 10 List

Here is our list – Hot Air Hostess Top Ten. No matter where you are flying, flight attendants always look hot, cute and elegant.

travel books worth reading

Best travel books worth reading

The success of travel books can be measured not in awards, but in miles. Here are some must-read travel books that might interest you.

Manila Cathedral PH

Manila Cathedral: Splendor of Manila’s Catholicism

Manila Cathedral is a postcard-perfect picturesque church. and the spiritual heart of Manila for over five centuries. It is a must-visit place of contemplation and a symbol of the nation’s soul.

Places to Visit in Australia for tourist

Best places to visit in Australia for Tourists

TripAdvisor has revealed its hot list of best experiences in the “land down under” according to travelers’ reviews. Here are the stunning places to visit in Australia for tourists.

HOliday State of Mind

Ways to Evoke a Holiday State of Mind

While there is uncertainty about when we can travel abroad again, a study uncovers various techniques that can help us on how evoke a Holiday State of Mind:

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