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Filipino crab mentality: Toxic Filipino Traits need to stop!

Filipino crab mentality

Crab mentality is a widely used term in the Philippines given to Filipinos who always try to pull down other Filipinos who are succeeding in life and getting ahead of them. This trait is not unusual to us. The heck with people with crab mentality. It’s not always about recognition or being “the best.” If […]

Why do people Gossip and How to stop gossip in its tracks

Why do people Gossip

Bakit ang hilig nating mangtsismis? Gossip is wrong, no matter how you look at it. Spreading malicious rumors will not only hurt the subject of the gossip, but it also makes you look bad. It can cause trouble in your inner life as well as your outer life. Here’s how to stop gossiping. #chismis Why […]