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Koalas Love Cuddles / Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Brisbane Australia

Koalas Love Cuddles

Is it OK to cuddle a koala? Come and explore Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary with me. The only thing we didn’t get to see was the Raptor bird show as the scheduled session times were very confusing… we arrived at the times displayed but found the show was either already underway or had recently finished. […]

How to Hug a Koala

How to Hug a Koala video

I am sure you have always wanted to cuddle a koala… Well, I know a place where all of your dreams can come true: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! Located only a 20-minute bus ride from Brisbane City, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary takes care of more than 130 koalas. In fact, Lone Pine holds the Guinness […]