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Coron Town Tour Reviewed

Coron town tour review

Coron has been dropping jaws for years and it is no surprise why. A great place to start is not always by exploring the beautiful island of Coron

Twin Lagoon Coron Palawan

Twin Lagoon Coron Palawan Feature

Twin Lagoon Coron Palawan was one of the most stunning pieces of nature we ever had the pleasure to experience. Yes, it is exactly as described

Atwayan Beach Coron

Atwayan Beach Palawan

After a busy morning, Atwayan Beach was a welcoming sight. With its welcoming turquoise waters and white sand beach, it was an ideal spot to stop for a break.

Bulog Dos Island Coron: Awesome sandbar or forgettable island

bulog dos island coron palawan

Bulog Dos Island Coron is one of our destinations on a recent island hopping tours we took in Palawan The day was bright, the sun was hot and the water was a cool deep turquoise. A great spot to stop and swim or just lay on the beach and let the waves wash over you.

CYC Beach Coron: Crazy and Crowded

CYC Beach Palawan

The beach sand of CYC Beach in Coron Palawan is off white – not as white as other beaches in Coron, but still soft and appealing. For all those divers out there…