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Bulog Dos Island Coron: Awesome sandbar or forgettable island

bulog dos island coron palawan
Bulog Dos Island Coron

Bulog Dos Island Coron is one of our destinations on a recent island-hopping tour we took in Palawan, Philippines. A great spot to stop and swim or just lay on the beach and let the waves wash over you.

Bulog Dos Island Coron Philippines may be small but what it lacks in size it makes up in appeal. Bulog Dos Island is one of our destinations on a recent island-hopping tour we took from Coron. The day was bright, the sun was hot, and the water was a cool deep turquoise. A great spot to stop and swim or just lay on the beach and let the waves wash over you. But, before we get into that, a little background on the island first.

Bulog Dos Island Coron

This island is one of the many beautiful islands to be found in the Calamianes Philippines. It is located close to the tip of Malaroyroy Peninsula at the northern end of Bulalacao, an island located southwest of Coron Island and adjacent to  Culion Island. It was part of a 3-island island-hopping tour on our third day Coron. We were told that Malaroyroy Peninsula itself is no longer accessible to the public since the construction of the Two Seasons Resort & Spa on that location. One can easily see the resort from Bulog Dos but you cannot go any further from beyond a hill overlooking the resort.

Bulog Dos Island - Coron boat ride
A boat without captain cannot remain long on the surface.
Two Season Resort andn Spa and Bulog Dos Island aerial view
Two Season Resort and Spa and Bulog Dos Island aerial view

Bulog Dos Island Unique sandbar

After Malcapuya and Banana Island, our last destination was the sprawling sandbar called Bulog Dos island Coron.

On our way to the island, we noticed a sandbar jutting out from the former towards Malaroyroy Peninsula Bulalacao Island (where the Two Seasons Resort is located).

At a distance, we were not expecting much from Bulog Dos, but it was an unexpected surprise!

We paddled our way around the main rock of Bulog Dos Island Coron, over vast areas of seagrass and into the deeper parts, where the most colorful corals and fish I’ve seen can be found. That time, the tide was high but, on its way, out, making the sandbar not as visible or walk-able anymore.

Also, because the tide was on its way out, the boat was moored out from the island, meaning, to get to the island we had to swim. We didn’t have water-proof carry bags with us at this time, so Gary was very reluctant to swim with the cameras to the island. We were able to take a few drone shots by launching from the bow of the boat before swimming to the island and exploring.

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Bulog Dos Island Coron Palawan 01
The goal is not to sail the boat, but rather to help the boat sail herself.

The water around the island is good for swimming as there are no rocks or sea urchins to worry about, unlike other spots in Coron. Our tour guide and boat guys were very helpful, assisting the non-swimmers in our group in and out of the boat. A casual swim took us to the island. The island is quite small so there is not a lot to explore other than the rock lookout and shoreline.

Before too long we took out the snorkeling gear and explored the shallow water around the island. I don’t know how to swim but I think I was convincing enough to pass as a swimmer… Thanks to my life vest.

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Another wonderful discovery we made is the presence of colorful coral formations and a variety of other marine life several meters off the beach, just beyond the layer of sea-grass close to shore. The fish here are not shy and would even swim close enough you could almost touch them (they are fast little dudes).

On our stroll along the northeastern side of Bulog Dos Island, we hiked over to the base of the sandbar and saw it might be possible to walk all the way to Malaroroy via this sandbar. Indeed some bloggers were saying one can walk through chest-deep water when the tide is low to reach Malaroyroy from Banana Island through this sandbar. We didn’t test the theory but it looked possible.

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Bulog Dos Island Coron- Gary swimming 01
Small island with shallow lapping clear waters and a viewpoint .
Bulog Dos Island Coron - crowded
A must stop over when you plan to go to Malcapuya island.

Things to do in Bulog Dos Island Coron

There is enough to see and do to keep most visitors to Bulog dos Island for an hour or two which is the time allotted for most tours. Here is a short list of things that this tiny island has to offer so you can make the most of your day trip.


The main draw to this small island is the thin strip of sand that stretches out into the clear calm waters. Here you can get some epic shots and take a walk on this curious ribbon of white sand.


Even just 20 feet away from the shore, the water is teeming with an abundance of tropical marine life. While snorkeling, it’s common to see vibrant corals, schools of parrotfish, and even colorful starfish. The waters around Bulog Dos Island are so clear that it’s possible to see the ocean floor!

bulog-island island 02
Sea more of the world, one beach at a time
bulog-island hammock
In a hammock by the sea, is where I want to be.


If you come to Bulog Dos Island during low tide, you’ll have the opportunity to walk over to the neighboring island where the luxury Two Seasons Coron Island Resort is located. When the water is low, a small sandbar appears connecting the two islands.


We recommend making the short trek up the small hill situated in the middle of the island.

From the top of the hill, admire the picturesque surroundings of Coron. Just beware of the monkeys that roam around the hill. While many tourists feed and pet them, they can be aggressive if they are provoked!


This is one of the most stunning places in Coron, but it looks even better from above! This is the perfect place to bring a drone, if you don’t already have one check our guide to our favorite compact travel drones!

How To Get There 

You can save a lot of time and stress by simply taking one of the many tour packages being offered in Coron. One of these packages includes a whole day island-hopping tour of Bulog Dos, Banana Island, and Malcapuya Island. Travel time is anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the condition of the open sea. The tour operators will put you in a group of 10-15 people per boat, dividing the boat rental cost equally among the passengers. Lunch and snacks are usually included in the package.

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