Atwayan Beach Coron

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Atwayan Beach Coron was one of the islands on our island hopping trip. In fact, it was where we stopped to have lunch.

Atwayan Beach Coron

CORON, Palawan is often best known for snorkeling, kayaking, and diving to mention but a few.  If you have come looking for great dive locations then Atwayan Beach is not for you. But, if you are looking for a peaceful, idyllic spot to chill out, rest, and have a feed, then you won’t be disappointed here.

Atwayan Beach Coron

Atwayan Beach gets its name from the abundant “tuay” shells found scattered around the beach. The location is found at the bottom of a tiny bay northwest coast of Coron Island. This makes it perfect for picnics and relaxing rest stops since there are stationed huts and comfort rooms. Great place to kayak and snorkel or just sit in the water and soak up the atmosphere. 

Maybe we missed the midday rush of tourist boats, but when we arrived we had almost the entire beach to ourselves. I found the beach to be wonderful with soft white sand, and plenty of shade.

Atwayan beach Coron
Arriving at Atwayan beach Coron

After a busy morning, Atwayan Beach was a welcoming sight. With its welcoming turquoise waters and white sand beach, it was an ideal spot to stop for a break. And, yes, by this time we were all ready for a good lunch.

It is a great spot to swim without fear of being spiked by sea urchins (well I didn’t see any when we were there). After the good lunch we had I only felt like sitting in the shallow water and letting the gentle waves wash past me.

Also, the location of Atwayan Beach makes it a nice area to Kayak. There aren’t any strong currents and it’s not overly crowded by other tour boats.

There’s a small store selling chips and beer a little way down. The beach is small but it is perfect for hanging out and eating.

How To Get To Atwayan Beach


*Cebu Pacific. This airline offers the occasional promotion, especially on Philippine holidays. Just be vigilant.

Once you arrive at Coron Airport, you take a van to the city proper for 150 php.

*Philippines Airlines. This airline has daily flights from Manila. The rate is not too high nor cheap. *SkyJet Airlines. It has 3 flights every day from Manila.


*2GO Ferry. This is a famous shipping line. It has two trips (Tuesday and Friday – 1:30 PM) a week from Manila and Puerto Princesa to Coron. From Coron to Manila every Sunday and Friday at 4:30 PM.

From PPS to Coron, also two times in a week (Saturday & Wednesday – 11:50 PM). Coron to PPS every Saturday and Wednesday at 9 PM.

*Montenegro Lines has ferries between El Nido to Coron for 1,760 something. Check out their Facebook page for more updated rates.

*Atienza Shipping Line. It has a ferry that sails from Manila to Coron every Saturday and Wednesday.

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