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Why Australian ALPS receive more snowfall than Switzerland?

Australian ALPS

Did you know that the Australian Alps receive more snowfall than Switzerland? You don’t, do you? Well… Maybe it’s time to change that Euro Trip idea? WHEN PEOPLE THINK ABOUT Australia, they often imagine a flat, dry continent, or the beach, ‘reef’ and ‘the rock’. But Australia has a significant and untameable high country, where […]

List of Awesome Adventure Playgrounds in Sydney

Adventure Playgrounds in Sydney Australia

Adventure playgrounds are abundant in Australia, giving children access to create
whatever they can imagine. There have been huge improvements made to a number of playgrounds around Australia over the past few years.

Best places to visit in Australia for Tourists

Places to Visit in Australia for tourist

TripAdvisor has revealed its hot list of best experiences in the “land down under” according to travelers’ reviews. Here are the stunning places to visit in Australia for tourists.

Moving to Australia? 6 Pros & Cons of moving overseas

Moving to Australia Aussie Slang Words

Moving to Australia –There is nothing better than the Australian weather, other than the beaches, the nightlife, the people, the accent, etc… (LOL) The golden beaches, the blue skies, and especially the pure chillness and relaxation that covers Australia – truly a place to dream of. But, that’s not all that Australia has to offer.