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List of Awesome Adventure Playgrounds in Sydney

Adventure Playgrounds in Sydney Australia

Nothing spells FREE family fun quite like a day at a daring adventure playground! We just love exploring all the creative and adrenaline-pumping playgrounds that Sydney has to offer. Get ready for a fun-filled weekend when you check out these top 14 adventure playgrounds in Sydney.

1. Lizard Log Adventure Playgrounds

  • Location: The Horsley Dr &, Cowpasture Rd, Abbotsbury
  • Opening Hours: 8 am – 6 pm (Monday – Sunday)

This award-winning nature playground (it was voted the BEST playground in New South Wales) has been designed to blend into the natural environment – so be careful you don’t miss it! It is a nature lover’s wonderland in a bushland setting. It has a nature-themed playground for the kids, scenic walks for all, and cycling tracks of various lengths for those who like a physical challenge.

The sprawling nature playground was designed to blend in with the natural landscape while offering seriously fun features. It has a climbing wall, slide, dual and single flying foxes, balancing beams, giant swings, and a water play deck. The wood-carved animals that decorate the playground were made using timber salvaged from the area. Loop paths run through the site – perfect for scooters and bike riders.

If you feel like a short stroll, the 1.6km Pimelea Loop path circles around Lizard Log. For a longer walk or cycle take the Parklands Track, which connects Lizard Log to The Dairy, Calmsley Hill City Farm, Moonrise Lookout, Sugarloaf Ridge, and Prospect Reservoir. See our digital maps for all the details.

Barbecuing stations make it a top spot for family picnics and Saluti Cafe by Novella is close by to grab a coffee. There are regular visits from our resident ice-cream van too. Mickey’s Ice-Cream Van does a great range of old-school soft-serves.

Lizard Log adventure playgrounds in
enjoy nature and be active

Adventure Playgrounds in Sydney

2. Oatley Park Adventure Playgrounds

  • Location: 1 Dame Mary Gilmore Rd, Oatley New South Wales, Australia
  • Opening Hours: 7 am – 6 pm (Monday – Sunday)

As part of the NSW Government’s Everyone Can Play Program, this inclusive play space located along Southern Sydney’s Georges River is one of the biggest! Oatley Park Adventure Playgrounds is a nature-lovers dream utilizing the natural landscape of the park’s bushland setting and adding equipment constructed predominantly from natural materials. At Oatley 

Oatley Park Adventure Playgrounds is noted for its trees, shrubs, and native flowers, as well as the river beaches and prolific birdlife. Tall smooth-barked Apples (Angophoras Costata) grow throughout Oatley Park. They are easily identified by their grey to pink trunks, which exude a deep red gum known as ‘kino.’ Growing in the small grassy picnic area are two types of Wattles – Cootamundra Wattle and Queensland Silver Wattle – which were introduced from other parts of Australia. The red flowering Coral Trees also grow along the shoreline, attracting Wattlebirds and other nectar-loving birds.

Oatley Park Adventure Playgrounds centerpiece is a huge three-story timber structure with a winding slippery dip, ropes, ladders, tunnels, and more. The play tower promises lots of adventure for brave kids! There’s a smaller slide on the bottom level for the littlies plus a climbing net, lower play deck, worm tunnel, and gangplank. Other cool features of the adventure playground include a Flying Fox and a stationary steam train.

Oatley Park Adventure Playrounds in NSW
It has a fabulous playground, a “castle” and netted swimming baths.

3. Casula Parklands

  • Location: Powerhouse Rd, Casula New South Wales, Australia
  • Opening Hours: 8 am – 7 pm (Monday – Sunday)

Western Sydney’s newest multi-million dollar adventure playground, Casula Parklands, was designed for inclusivity, accessibility, and lots of fun, so there really is something for everyone! At Casula Parklands, little ones have their own play space with slides, a mini rock climbing wall, tunnels, and a ropes course, and older kids will love the 8-meter-long Sky Walk, climbing tower, huge tunnel slide, swings, and merry-go-round. Casula Parklands is an expansive Sydney playground that also boasts a ninja course and double flying fox that adds to the impressive array of equipment.

The playground is well equipped for a full day of family fun with a dog park, walking track, and shaded picnic areas, plus the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is next door!

There are five main areas at Casula Parklands (listed below in the order that you drive past them):

  1. Fenced large dog park, and fenced small dog park – for our furry friends to explore off their leashes
  2. Ninja exercise course
  3. Double flying fox
  4. Big kids playing area including a climbing tower, 8-metre-long Sky Walk, BIG tunnel slide, swings, merry-go-round, and disc spinner
  5. Small kids’ play area with three slides (including a low slide for toddlers!), rocker, small fireman’s pole, small rock climbing wall, tunnels, xylophone, ropes course, and more!

And when all the fun and excitement gets too much, you can relax under one of the shaded picnic shelters. Water bubblers and toilets are available at the playground.

Just a short walk away is the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, with its world-class art exhibitions and shows, and Bellbird Dining and Bar. Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is a cultural facility of Liverpool City Council, situated on land traditionally owned by the Cabrogal Clan of the Darug Nation. It is a registered covid-safe venue

4. Strathfield Park Playgrounds

  • Location: Chalmers & Homebush Rd, Strathfield NSW 2135 
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours

Strathfield Park is a must-visit after the amazing renovation. If you haven’t had the chance to go yet, keep it in mind for surprising your kids next school holidays.

Strathfield Park Adventure Playground is one of Sydney’s oldest and best-maintained parks? It has always been very popular in the neighborhood and surroundings because of its wide range of sporting and recreational facilities.

After the upgrade, it is attracting parents and kids from other Sydney areas too, quite rightly. Your kids won’t want to leave this epic playground at Strathfield! Boasting 3 monster super slides projecting off tall climbing towers, a massive flying fox, a netted suspension bridge, and equipment for little ones too, this Sydney playground has adventure written all over it. Whether your kids are big or little, they will find something at Strathfield Park Playground to keep them entertained.

Strathfield Park boasts a unique playground spanning 3 separate play spaces spread over 1.5 acres. The play spaces have been carefully laid out to complement one another, taking into account the different ages and abilities of children enjoying the play equipment.

An impressive triple Skyrider makes a grand entry to the main Skytower, but not before negotiating multiple climbing challenges in the Konnecta rope play combination. From the ultra-high rope net tunnel bridge between the Skytower turrets, the children can see the Mammoth Swing and other play areas through the tree-lined park.

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After the thrill of the 4.5m Mammoth Swing (Australia’s biggest) children can head into the play mounds and fortress area and enjoy a variety of carousels, mound slides, and an array of different swing styles.

Finally, in the depth of the Strathfield Park forest garden lies a unique Bushwood Teepee Tower, a giant wooden Lizard and the enormous Flecto spinner, like some exotic Amazonian jungle flower.

Adventure Playgrounds in Sydney

5. Bungarribee Park

  • Location: 12 Wirraga Street, Bungarribee NSW, Australia
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours

Touted as the largest park in Sydney, the $15-million, 200-hectare Bungarribee Park is a wide, open oasis of natural green spaces and interesting places to explore, as well as an awesome state-of-the-art playground that includes a jaw-dropping 50-meter flying fox and an epic 14-meter tall climbing tower, slides, plus giant swings, balance beams, and a water play area. There also BBQs and picnic shelters, and walking and cycling tracks, and one of Sydney’s largest off-leash dog zones. The surrounding parklands at Bungarribee Park are perfect for picnics and free play, and the surrounding wetland is home to thousands of native trees and wildflowers to discover.

List of Awesome Adventure Playgrounds in Sydney
Great playground, picnic area and recreational space

The playground is well resourced. It features an amazing climbing tower which I would say is the best in Sydney to date, slides, flying foxes, balance beams, a water play area, swings, see-saws, and so much more. It’s a kid paradise and suitable for all ages as long as the kids are supervised.

The site also has an amazing array of walking and cycling tracks and an off-leash dog park. For once we were able to take our little Westie pup along for the adventure. There are also plentiful water bubblers which all feature a dog bowl and the bottom so your canine friends can easily have a drink.

6. Fairfield Park  Adventure Playgrounds

  • Location: 12 Wirraga Street, Bungarribee NSW, Australia
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours

Fairfield Park  Adventure Playgrounds has been around for a few years but is one that impresses the young kids and the tweens too! When the 30-meter slide at Hilltop Park in Schofields closed down due to safety concerns, Fairfield Adventure Park took back its title of biggest playground slide in Western Sydney. It twirls and glistens in the sun and simply has to be seen to be believed. Add this Sydney adventure playground to your weekend itinerary and you’ll never look back.

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