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10 travel insurance myths explained

Travel Insurance myths

Let us dispel 10 of the most common travel insurance myths and make you a better traveler than you already are. After all, your next trip is just around the corner.

13 Travel Hacks to Save Money: Ultimate Guide

travel hacks to save money

You’ve been planning a holiday for months but is there anything else you need to think about? Planning ahead by following these practical travel hacks to save money and save you from a lot of stress.

Moving to Australia? 6 Pros & Cons of moving overseas

Moving to Australia Aussie Slang Words

Moving to Australia –There is nothing better than the Australian weather, other than the beaches, the nightlife, the people, the accent, etc… (LOL) The golden beaches, the blue skies, and especially the pure chillness and relaxation that covers Australia – truly a place to dream of. But, that’s not all that Australia has to offer.