WARNING! 10 Tagalog Words That Can Get You In Trouble

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In various regions of the Philippines, Tagalog words don’t always have the same meaning. Different dialects often put different meanings to words.

Below is a list of 10 Tagalog words that, depending on the company you are with when you say them, could get you in a lot of trouble.

A Quick Definition Breakdown- 


Tagalog, meaning “river dweller,” is the primary language of Manila. Tagalog is currently written using the Latin alphabet, but at one time, it was written using the Baybayin alphabet, which is a script alphabet similar to Indian alphabets.


Ilocano is not formally taught in schools but is still used by millions of people in the Philippines and abroad (specifically 7 million people, primarily in Northern Luzon and other provinces near the Ilocos region).


Ilonggo, the fourth largest ethnolinguistic group of the Philippines, living on Panay, western Negros, southern Mindoro, Tablas, Romblon, Sibuyan, Guimaras, and northwestern Masbate.


Cebuano is spoken by roughly 18.5 million people in the Philippines, primarily in areas such as eastern Negros, Cebu, Bohol, western Leyte, the Camotes Islands, and the northern and western coasts of Mindanao.

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Tagalog Words That Can Get You In Trouble

1: Bayag

“Uy, bayag mo.”

In Ilocano: Slow

In Tagalog: Testicles

They don’t want you to look down at your crotch. They need you to go faster.

“Higanteng lalaki pero walang bayag

2. Titi

“Mga lalake talaga. Puro titi inaatupag.”

Ilonggo: Breast

Tagalog: Penis

Hey, look. That sentence makes sense however you read it! This one’s easy to remember, just think “Dangling parts” whether it’s male or female.

So be careful next time you are in a restaurant and order Chicken Breast…

“Paorder nga, yun paborito kong titi ng manok”

You may end up with something you are not expecting on your plate.

WARNING! 10 Tagalog Words That Can Get You In Trouble

3. Utong

“Sarap naman ng utong niyo!”

Ilocano: String beans (sitaw)

Tagalog: Nipples

Don’t be offended. They’re just praising your cooking unless, of course, you just happened to be leaning over at the time. Adobong utong in English means delicious.


“Baka malibog ka.”

Ilonggo: Confused

Tagalog: Lust/Libido (hence malibog, horny)

Pwede kang malibugan habang nalilibugan. (You don’t need to tell anyone though.)

“Bakit ba kasi puro kalibugan nasa utak mo? Nakakalibog ka intindihin minsan eh”

tagalog words - libog

5. Pintas

“Napintasan kayo? Good!”

Ilocano: Beauty

Tagalog: Insult

Take it as a compliment. Always. (Ang kapintasan ko ay napintas ako. Yii!)

“Ano innngit ka at pinipintasan mo pintas ko?”


6. Upa

“Ipa-upa na ’tong baboy.”

Cebuano: Sex between animals

Tagalog: Rent

Sometimes you gotta pay for wild, carnal, animalistic sex? (Please don’t.)

tagalog words - upa

7. Baliw

“Baliw ka!”

Pangasinan: To cross

Tagalog: Insane

Don’t stand there like a crazy person! Cross the street! Baliw ka, baliw!

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tagalog words -baliw

8. Libang

“Andun sila, naglilibang na magkasama.”

Cebuano: To defecate (To drop a number 2)

Tagalog: Recreational entertainment (hence, libangin)

Nakakalibang malibang? It’s fun to defecate? Fun causes people to defecate?


9. Bao

“Miss, may bao ba kayo? Pabili nga. Sampu.”

Pangasinan: Vagina

Ilocano: Daga

Tagalog: Coconut shell

We’ll take everything except the Ilocano iteration.

10. Burat

“Nakakaburat ang pag-ibig.”

Bicolano: Drunk

Tagalog: Penis and as slang, annoyed or bored.

The sentence makes sense in three different ways. Fun, right? ’Pag-naburat, magburat. (Seriously guys, do something more productive.)


Just looking at the different words or word combinations that are created is always a unique and interesting journey.


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