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Cedar Creek Falls Mt Tamborine is one of the Gold Coast Hinterlands popular tourist attractions with stunning views over the open canyon, waterfall, and rock pools. The great thing about Cedar Creek is that it is easily accessible, but for the more adventurous types, you can explore upstream or downstream to find secret areas to relax.

We love going off the beaten track to find secret spots to swim in the freshwater, soak up the sun, and admire the surrounding rock formations and tropical rain forest, so Cedar Creek Falls was the ideal natural playground for us. We decided to set the alarm and go there early so we can avoid traffic and avoid returning with buckets worth of sand sprinkled generously throughout our car.

One of the most delightful walks in the whole Tamborine area is the Cedar Creek Circuit (3.2km), which explores the creek’s various cascades, rock pools, flora, and fauna. There is limited parking at Cedar Creek Falls. We arrived at 7 am sharp on a workday Friday and were surprised to find 2 other groups already here. When we returned to the car an hour later to offload or un-needed equipment, the car park had already filled with people double-parking, waiting for cars to leave. On a busy day, you may have to park on the road up the hill and walk down. The trip up the mountain and to the falls entrance is stunning in itself, though the best is still yet to be discovered!

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Picnic Spot at the Falls

Whether you choose to head straight to the falls or to eat something first, you definitely want to pack a picnic lunch for your day trip here. Located right at the start of the walking trail are two spectacular picnic spots with toilets nearby. Nestled among a canopy of trees is a sprinkling of picnic tables and barbecues with plenty of large, flat grassed areas perfect for throwing down a blanket or kicking a footy around with the kids.

Ceder Creek Falls Mt Tamborine lookout
climb down to waterhole Cedar Creek Falls Mt Tamborine

Cedar Creek Falls Mt Tamborine

You can try to spot the many types of birds that chirp overhead or see if you can make friends with any other wildlife crawling around below. Some people opt to picnic beside the falls themselves, though for families with little ones the picnic spots will be less stressful.

Once all bellies are full, it’s a good idea to take all the picnic gear back to the car before heading off on the walk to the falls. Although it is just 15 minutes walk, once you reach the falls the main place to rest is on the rocky boulders surrounding them, so it’s best if you don’t have to carry a great deal with you. Just make sure you have your swimmers, sunscreen, and water to drink!

Ceder Creek Falls Mt Tamborine Cheche no waterfall
Waterholes are still a good swim.
Cedar Creek Falls Mt Tamborine
The Falls?

Unfortunately, when we visited last, it was during a long dry spell. The Australia bush fires of 2019 were just about to tear through the dry countryside. It was dusty, it was dry. And the falls, well it was just a trickle.

The water in the swimming hole was stagnant and uninviting. The sun was hot, the rocks were sizzling and the sweat was beginning to drip. Now, please don’t get me wrong… Cedar Creek Falls Mt Tamborine is an amazing place… I was just somewhat disappointed in our timing.

Hoping to return soon when the falls are in there full glory.

Cedar Creek Falls Mt Tamborine 2019 dry
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