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Staycation Getaways based on your Zodiac Sign: Best Ideas

Staycation prediction
The Staycation is definitely here to stay. As hopes for travel continue to grow, uncertainty and unpredictability are likely to stick around.

It still seems as if 2021 will not be a great one for international travel with many people looking towards a staycation for their holidays. There’s still a degree of uncertainty amongst consumers over when travel will be possible, but we expect another strong staycation industry as more people choose to remain closer to home for a number of reasons. Why not explore your own backyard? Here are some staycation getaways based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Aquarius the Water Bearer is a Summer constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of September.

Aquarius Staycation Predictions: Aquarians are the star of 2021 as bountiful Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn tour the sign all year – and in February, they’re accompanied by four other heavenly bodies. Aquarians are seeking holidays where you can be fired up, inspired, and on a mission. Consider a longer trip and make it a work-cation to refuel that inspiration tank. Aquarians are also all about being social and physically active while on holiday, so destinations that will keep the body moving will keep all those brilliant ideas flowing.

Ideal Travel Companion: During this self-focused year, Aquarians simply have no space to play caretaker for anyone. Solo sojourns will be the way to go. This “vision quest” will reconnect you to deeper parts of yourself, which makes you a happier companion when you get back home. If you do invite others to join, make sure they’re equally independent-but also keen to hang out and share coffee breaks, dinner, and a few adventures when you have space for it.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20)

Pisces the Fishes in an Autumn constellation, and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of October.

Pisces Staycation Predictions: 2021 is a drifty, dreamy year for Pisces. Retreating into beautiful nature is always restorative for Pisceans, and with Neptune the god of the seas as your ruler, a waterfront destination is non-negotiable. Island life is a balm for the Pisces soul and more than ever with the 2021s star map. If the destination is known for its spiritual and holistic healing resources or is considered a ‘vortex’ for its powerful energy, all the better for this intuitive sign.

Ideal Travel Companion: This year, Pisceans need to travel with fellow nomads who prefer to flow freely through each day rather than to be tied to a schedule. Companions who like to feel out the destination after you get there, then make plans, will result in a successful trip. Companions who are also sensitive to the environment will enjoy mapping out the trip as you go, getting tips from friendly locals or by dropping into places that look intriguing.

Aries (Mar. 21 – April 19)

Aries the Ram is an Autumn constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of November.

Aries Staycation Predictions: Independent Aries is feeling more collaborative in 2021, making this a great year to organize a getaway with a small group. Aries’ ideal getaway for this year is outdoor recreation, your style is all about being active, exploratory, and filled with one-of-a-kind experiences.

Consider a multi-room holiday rental out of the main cities or book all the rooms in a boutique hotel. Most importantly, don’t skimp on the entertainment and activities – rent a car for scenic drives, scout for nearby hiking trails, or how about renting a projector for ultimate movie screening.

Ideal Travel Companion: A great sense of humor is a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to travel with an Aries in 2021. Someone who is friendly, playful, and fun – and not above pulling a prank or two on each other – is a combo for a great holiday. While Aries like to sleep in, they also get antsy when sitting around for too long. Pick travel companions who will go on a spontaneous bike ride to discover hidden gems, but also won’t get upset if you want to jet off alone for a couple of hours here and there.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus the Bull is an Autumn constellation, and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of December.

Taurus Staycation Predictions: Taurus’ travel style is all about luxury and high-end experiences with beautiful scenery surrounding them. With planets commingling in your upscale tenth house, it’s time to get saving for future trips, as travel may require a larger budget. You love to be outdoors, but also need your creature comforts. 2021 sees your ideal getaway in a luxe rental or hotel with huge windows and outdoor space, so you can be one with nature and sheltered in style.

Ideal Travel Companion: Travellers considering a trip with a Taurus must agree on pricing and budget up-front. As Taurus’ are after high-end experiences, it’s worth discussing what may be possible (financially) for others in the party. Nature-lovers are also great companions to Taurus travellers, so anticipate challenging trails and outdoor picnics.

Gemini May 21 – June 21

Gemini the Twins is a Winter constellation and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of January

Gemini Staycation Predictions: Wanderlust strikes for Geminis this year, as planets ping your ninth house of travel and global adventures. Regular changes of scenery are a must to bring Geminis to unexplored lands. Your intellectual curiosity is also awakened so ensure to research the history of each destination. Finding the historical landmarks, buzzing about boutiques, and discovering local pastry shops will be an exhilarating scavenger hunt.

Ideal Travel Companion: Holidays this year is all about detours, spontaneity, multi-city treks and variety, anyone considering to travel with Geminis should be good-natured friends, who love to laugh, blast the radio on a stretch of open road and aren’t afraid to let their hair down and try new things. Geminis independent spirit is also aglow this year, meaning a solo getaway may also be on the cards.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Cancer the Crab is a Winter Constellation, and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of February.

Cancer  Staycation Predictions: Cancerians are in their water sign element this year and you’re seeking a safe container for you and your travel crew. A semi-off-the-grid destination or town off the beaten track is on the agenda for this year. Ideally Cancerians will be nestled among trees, but not shut in. Daily walks around town, exploring the area for secret beaches and discovering boutiques with handcrafted goodies will lift a Cancerians mood.

Ideal Travel Companion: This intimate, introspective year has Cancerians reflecting on every aspect of life. Whether it’s a major transformation, a change in relationship status, a career pivot or even a move. The fresh scenery will give Cancerians the chance to step back and explore matters from a new perspective – and you’re going to need a wise sounding board (or three) who will listen compassionately.

Leo July 23 – Aug. 22

Leo the Lion is a Winter constellation, and can be best viewed in the night during the month of March.

Leo Staycation Predictions: As one of the zodiac’s most playful signs, Leos travel style is interactive and entertaining with a packed itinerary of must-see sites. With travel restrictions limiting options, you may consider visiting a national park and glamp out so you can explore the surrounding areas. As a fire sign, you’re all about building up the blazes to create a warm atmosphere.

Ideal Travel Companion: Two is the magic number for Leos in 2021. Whether hitting the open road with a BFF or a significant other, they’ll love creating magic moments with one special soul. Plus, most people can’t keep up with a Leos energetic travel style! Plan out the trip together to build excitement in advance, but be sure to throw in a surprise destination or two, to thrill your plus-one!

Virgo Aug. 23 – Sept. 22

Virgo the Virgin is a Spring constellation, and can be best viewed during the month of April.

Virgo Staycation Predictions: With planets percolating in Virgos healthy living zone, 2021 is here to give you a galactic glow-up. A restorative getaway is optimal for Virgos this year, where you can not only de-stress from modern life, but also give your body the clean fuel it needs. Sunny locations are great mood-boosters especially if temps are warm enough for ride bikes, exploring trails and yoga in the park.

The spirit of service is also in the air this year, so Virgos may be drawn to “voluntourism” trips where they can donate time to a good cause while being away.

Ideal Travel Companion: Virgos looking to make their getaway a healing voyage, should consider going away with other wellness-focused friends. It doesn’t have to be as rigorous as say, bikini boot camp, but if friends who can push each other to each one’s limits will leave Virgos feeling great and rejuvenated.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 23)

Libra the Scales is a Spring constellation, and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of May.

Libra Staycation Predictions: Libras 2021 star map is all about high-end experiences, your travel style is all about extravagance, entertaining and capturing all the beauty of the destination. For Libra travelers wanting to “get away from it all”, you want to be pampered in style: think beautiful scenery, sports cars and sailboats, photo-shoots by outdoor murals, top-shelf drinks and five-star meals.

Ideal Travel Companion: There’s nothing wrong with being budget-conscious, but this year Libras are planning on going all out, so consider travel partners who don’t mind a bit of splurging themselves. A great tip is to discuss budget parameters with travel buddies before booking activities or ordering that bottle of champagne. For those coupled up, love is in the air for Libras in 2021, so grab that special someone and plan the ultimate romantic getaway.

Scorpio (Oct. 24 – Nov. 21)

Scorpio the Scorpion is a Spring constellation with an astronomical name of Scorpius, and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of June.

Scorpio Staycation Predictions: Scorpios are flying under the radar in 2021, which is just how they prefer it. During this cozy, creative and domestic year, Scorpios are less of an adventure traveller and are more interested in finding charming destinations that can be transformed into a home away from home.

Nostalgia is also in the air, and a sentimental trip back home or to a favourite destination will warm the heart. Scorpios will be interested in connecting with their roots, which could lead to a more planned-out voyage to visit the place of their ancestors and hopefully meet a relative who’s still living there.

Ideal Travel Companion: During this family-friendly year, Scorpios are longing for opportunities to bond with their nearest and dearest. A multi-generational road trip with parents or children (or both) will bring many classic memories to last a lifetime. A friends’ getaway with a Scorpios innermost circle will also revive them. There’s nothing a Scorpio loves more than unhurried bonding time with their loyal pals.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Sagittarius the Archer is a Summer constellation, and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month July.

Sagittarius Staycation Predictions: Sagittarius is in a meandering mood in 2021, which means anything too placid will turn you into a frustrated traveller. Your ideal getaway is somewhere with plenty of sunshine, with lots of spots for long walks. You don’t have a set schedule and allow room for discovery and spontaneous adventures with the locals you meet.

With the karmic lunar south node in Sagittarius’ sign all year, they may have some loose ends to tie up or the desire to connect with their ancestral heritage. This could be the year to return to home base to make amends with loved ones. Or maybe finally meet a long-lost cousin-even if communicating means by hand and a translation app!

Ideal Travel Companion: Having a tightly packed itinerary and researching every little activity and place is a Sagittarius’ worst nightmare. However, some level of advance prep can be handy. For Sagittarians planning on going away, it’s a good idea to bring someone who likes to do the planning and research but is equally comfortable in going with the flow.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Capricorn the Sea Goat is a Summer constellation with an astronomical name of Capricornus, and can be best viewed in the night sky during the month of August.

Capricorn Staycation Predictions: 2020 was a year with lots of change and activity for Capricorns thanks to a convergence of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your sign. Looking at the year ahead, Capricorns are ready to embrace an easier pace and take a break. With your refined tastes, Capricorns prefer chic, curated destinations over anything cookie-cutter. Consider a destination with great museums, outdoor exhibits, and historical architecture. Capricorns also love a food scene, so an ideal location will be full of delicious restaurants and eateries.

Ideal Travel Companion: Capricorns never go on holiday without a pre-planned list of ‘the best of’ everything. So, anyone travelling with a Capricorn should be prepared to be flexible and go out of their way to find these rare gems. An ideal travel partner will appreciate Capricorns for scouting these finds and will most likely share this discerning sense of discovery.

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