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Manila Baywalk may be getting overlooked but it should never be forgotten… See why… Take a walk along Manila Baywalk. Once an area for pickpockets and thieves until it was transformed. What is it like today?

Manila Baywalk

Sunsets, restaurants what more do you want?

This coconut-lined boardwalk along Roxas Boulevard is a destination for its sunsets and ocean views.

Baywalk is a bayside promenade overlooking Manila Bay that stretches along Roxas Boulevard. Manila Baywalk has done wonders for the city of Manila. What was once an area to be avoided because of pickpockets, Baywalk has been transformed into a thriving, cosmopolitan, cool to be seen area. With crowds in excess of 200,000 on the weekends.

Busy during the day but this area comes to life at night. There are plenty of open-air cafes serving local cuisine while all at the same time allowing people the chance to fully appreciate the beauty of the Manila Bay Sunset.

Manila Baywalk

Manila Baywalk
Early Morning Baywalk

Baywalk has captured the Philippine capital’s imagination with outdoor restaurants, open-air bars, chic cafes, and live bands. Manila Baywalk is a two-kilometer stretch between the US Embassy and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) just past the Manila Yacht Club.

While strolling Baywalk, you will come across various statues and monuments dedicated to the dignitaries of Manila. This one is Arsenic H. Lacson, a Filipino journalist, and politician who was Mayor of Manila from 1952 to 1962. Why not get a pic our yourself sitting next to him?

When is the best time to visit Manila Baywalk?

Without a doubt, the best time to go to Baywalk is just at sunset. Start your walk at the CCP end, wander past the Manila Yacht Club, and see the most spectacular sunset you will ever see. The flickering of the sun’s last rays shooting between the moored yachts is a sight to behold.

Sunsets are beautiful over the bay

Manila Baywalk – The Sunset of Manila is often described as one of the most beautiful sunsets on earth.  The sunset, in our opinion, is best viewed from the Baywalk at Roxas Boulevard or at the SM Mall of Asia.

From here it is a matter of where should I stop and eat or drink or listen to a live band or do all three. If you feel it is too early to eat sit and eat, then grab a cold drink and watch the world go by, trust me you will not be on your own!

The entertainment available will suit everyone from the young to the old and if you are not that happy with what you are hearing, then you can please yourself by thumping out your own song with the help of your local karaoke machine.

The restaurants and cafes are extremely well priced with any variety of food up for the offering, you can have the choice of Thai, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, International Western, or simple takeaway via the many fast-food franchises.

The action starts early in the morning. Walkers and joggers arrive for their daily workout or just a brisk walk. Many people participate in aerobics and Tai Chi along this stretch. While others prefer a gentler start to their day and find themselves enjoying the bay views from the comfort of a bench.

Baywalk really comes into its own at night, when people bag a table on the restaurant terraces or congregate along the seafront to admire the spectacular sunset. As dusk falls, watch the lampposts light up with a mixture of colors, so have your camera ready.

Just like most of Manila, the Baywalk pulses with activity all day long. Song and dance performances, local food stalls, kiosks, eateries, and food vans are scattered along the walk. Fringed by a line of palm trees, the promenade also has plenty of benches where people can relax and take a few choice selfies to remember the moment.

Manila Baywalk after 2019 rehabilitation
Manila Baywalk after 2019 rehabilitation
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