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Signs that you are Born to Travel: Wanderlust in you

Who does not love to travel?  Here are some signs that indicate your love for traveling and born to travel.

Travelling makes a person more accepting of new experiences. Travel is intertwined with other countries, their way of life, people, food, and customs. It allows us to learn and appreciate not only one’s own culture but also that of many other countries.

So do you really love traveling? You don’t have to wait for the travel bug to bite you in order to make adventuring a passion. Even if you feel like exploring new places is just too damn tiring, the joy you get from traveling is incomparable and will eventually find you at the right place and at the right time. Ever wonder if traveling is for you or not? Why not look for the following signs deep within you and find out?

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Your phone is loaded with travel apps

You know the value of having information on the go and know how to make the most of it. Currency converter, maps, restaurant app, itinerary manager…you’ve got it all.

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You can sleep anywhere

If you don’t mind sleeping almost anywhere (we’re not saying you have to sleep in the streets), you’ll find it easy to deal with some of the most common problems among travelers like experiencing delays and picking out the right accommodation. With possible delays such as in flights, there could be instances when you have to sleep in the airport. Meanwhile, many affordable accommodations offer facilities that may not be conducive to getting a good night’s rest. These issues shouldn’t be so much of a big deal, especially if you’re fine with a little adjustment when it comes to sleeping.

You want to try new experiences

Even if you don’t see yourself as an adventurous person, give travelling a shot if you’re someone who’s curious about new experiences. If you have a lot of hobbies, love reading books, or willing to meet new people, these are all signs that you’ll have the time of your life when you explore a new destination. Once you’re there, you’ll have a ball trying out exotic food, learning about different cultures, and hearing stories from the locals.

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You love making friends

Talking to strangers doesn’t frighten you and you can easily break the ice at parties or gatherings. This trait should come in handy whenever you travel because you can easily mingle with the new people you meet along the way. Even if you prefer to travel solo, having the knack for connecting with others can bring a lot of perks: from discounts from merchants to free tours courtesy of the locals themselves.

You possess a strategy for everything

You know how to avoid getting overcharged while booking a taxi, and how to find a good and inexpensive salon just before catching the flight. You also know the swiftest way through customs and airport security checkpoints, and how to use your sky-mile points just so that you get a confirmed seat on that connecting flight. Well, you are not just a slapdash wannabe, rather all of the above makes you an organized traveller.

You like planning as much as travelling

Those who believe that the world is their playground would definitely agree that travelling to a new destination isn’t enough. Moreover, frequent travelling makes you good at planning things which can make most travel agents envious. Your search for the best travel deals and go through much of the suggested reading for pointers on accommodation, fares, etc. Moreover, at the end of your trip, you start planning for the next one, thus making you a Master travel planner.

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You are not afraid to take risks

Travelling involves some risk because you will be moving from one place to another while armed with only your limited knowledge about the place you’re visiting. If you don’t mind living on the edge, you should find this exciting. The wonders of exploring a new place while being open to some surprises will only make the experience more incredible.

Well..! Now that you have found the signs which tell that travelling is part of you. So make up your mind and pack your bags to travel to another unexplored destination!

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